Welcome to Wilmette Cares

We are an enthusiastic and committed group of Wilmette residents working to preserve our Village’s strong sense of community. We love Wilmette and want to inspire our neighbors to embrace a spirit of fairness, empathy, and inclusion.

Join us, and together we can advocate for a Wilmette that is affordable and accessible to all!

Dear Wilmette Cares Supporters and Friends,

There will be two community meetings in September at which Richard Koenig of HODC will present the plans for 1925 Wilmette Avenue. Please feel free to choose the date that is most convenient for you.

Loving regards,

Wilmette Park District Rec Center
3000 Glenview Rd, Wilmette

Wednesday, September 7, 7pm to 8pm
Tuesday, September 13, 7pm to 8pm

We urge you to sign the petition (and share with your friends!) in support of HODC developing affordable housing at 1925 Wilmette Avenue.


Want more information or to be added to our e-mail list?
E-mail Lorelei McClure, Wilmette Cares President: loreleimcclure@gmail.com


More Community Comments

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15 Responses to Welcome to Wilmette Cares

  1. M. Catherine Buntin

    We know a diverse community is textually rich and healthy. We want low and moderate wage workers in Wilmette, to live in Wilmette. I hope our trustees will provide the leadership we need based on high ideals in support of this request for low income units in this new development. We want our sales people, store clerks, mechanics, nursing caregivers to not just work in our community… but to live here and benefit from our schools and parks and all that makes Wilmette a lovely place to live.

  2. Kathy Cornyn

    Might it be possible to require a small percent of sliding scale units in existing buildings? Rents are going up faster than salaries everywhere. Maybe Wilmette could set an example. Have found it better when there is a diversity of cultures and economic levels where I have lived than when everyone is the same. When everyone is the same the worst qualities in people seem to emerge. I believe one will find similar disfunctions at both the extreme of wealth and the extreme of poverty. Love you all.

  3. vivien Eisenberg

    I am so encouraged to read the comments on the petition. My family and I are in support of low income housing in Wilmette, and I was very saddened at the meeting at Village Hall last night. I would like to know if there are ways to support the proposal to the Village, if so, can you let me know?
    (Also, would like to find out more about your organization!)

  4. Colleen Nathan

    I am also in support of the low income proposal. Glad to see there are like-minded people on this site. YAY!

    • Jes Scheinpflug

      We are, too! Thanks, Colleen!

    • Alison Williams

      People have been very misinformed by HODC regarding what their original housing in Wilmette was intended to be. In HODCs submitted proposal, they indicated they were going to build twenty permanent supportive housing units in the building. PSH housing is restricted to people with AXIS 1 severe mental illness diagnoses who earn less than 30% of the median income and are referred by approved social service agencies. Regardless of Mr. Koenig’s misleading and untrue statements at the PC meeting on November 3rd and other places, Wilmette residents and workers who do not qualify for PSH housing would not have been able to live there.

      Affordable housing on that location would be great, but let’s at least require honesty from the developer who builds it.

      Attached is an in depth analysis by several Wilmette residents, who happen to be attorneys, of the ways in which HODC has attempted to mislead our Village Board and the residents of Wilmette.

      You deserve to know what you are supporting.


      • Dear Alison & Neighbors,

        We are pleased that there will be open meetings to address community members concerns. We are happy that Mr. Koenig withdrew the original proposal in order to engage in dialogue that will result in a new proposal that will better suit the needs of Wilmette.

        Please, attend the meetings and help produce that outcome.

        Loving regards,
        Lorelei McClure

  5. Alison Williams

    Hi Lorelei. We spoke after the HODC meeting last night, so I wanted to reach out to you today to let you know that I would love the opportunity to work with you, along with input from Village residents, to come up with a plan to present to HODC regarding their site at 1925 Wilmette Avenue. We have the technology available to create an information gathering vehicle where we could actually survey Wilmette residents for ideas.

    Please contact me, by email, if you also were serious about our groups working together for this purpose.

  6. Lorelei McClure

    Hi Alison,

    I am glad you have contacted me. I would not have approached you after the meeting were I not serious. Of course, I want us, the entire community, along with Richard Koenig to work this out so that the redevelopment at 1925 Wilmette Avenue is a welcomed addition to our community.

    As you are aware, I belong to an organization, so I will need to talk with them to see how we might proceed. Also, I am fairly sure that you are aware that I do not participate in adversarial interaction and whatever we can do together has to be friendly and seeking a positive outcome for this endeavor. Wilmette Cares wants this development to happen, so anything that we might be able to do together would be focused on how to get it done. If that is what you are proposing, I am happy to take the idea of our finding the way to bring about that result back to Wilmette Cares for us to consider. Let me know if that is what your group has in mind.

    Loving regards,


    • Alison Williams

      Thanks for the reply, Lorelei. This is an emotionally charged issue for many and I, personally, share your desire for a balanced, reasonable discussion. As you know, I, also, work with a group, and my group works with an even larger group. I can’t represent my group adequately, and my group can’t represent the interests of the larger group adequately, without all of us doing a little information gathering. So as they say in the movies, why don’t you speak with your people and I’ll speak with my people and we’ll come back together with some ideas. It might have to be in the new year, however, as the holidays are upon us and family comes first. Thanks again, Lorelei. I look forward to getting to know you.

  7. Barbara Kanter

    Sounds good to me too!

  8. Lorelei McClure

    Hi Alison,

    I understand and, yes, I think you are right, anything further will have to happen in the new year. It may be that the next community meeting sponsored by HODC will turn out to be our best possibility. I don’t know if Richard Koenig sent you notice of the additional responses he has posted since our last community meeting. I hope you have seen them, but just in case, see HODC.org. I am hopeful that they will serve to clarify a lot of the asked questions.
    You are welcome to email me anytime at my gmail address: loreleimcclure@gmail.com as this page is primarily a general comments page, but if you prefer, this is fine too.
    In the meanwhile, I hope your holidays are joy filled.

    Loving regards,

  9. Barbara Kanter

    Great News for More Affordable Housing

    The PATH Act makes permanent the previously temporary extension of the rule that the applicable percentage must be at least 9% for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits for non-federally subsidized new buildings. Previously, such non-federally subsidized new buildings were required to have had received an allocation of tax credits prior to January 1, 2015 in order for the 9% minimum to apply. The PATH Act strikes this January 1, 2015 limitation, thus making permanent the extension of the 9% minimum credit, which was otherwise set to be of limited use moving forward.

  10. Barbara Kanter

    To show my gratitude the many people who will be attending the next Town Hall meeting on 1.12.16 I’m bringing FREE bottles of cold water for attendees. With so many people crammed into a room, people get hot and thirsty, perhaps tired and irritable.

    Perhaps other people could donate grapes, cookies or crudites…easy to eat finger food? It’s important to create a cordial atmosphere.

  11. Puran stevens

    I am for the affordable housing in Wilmette.

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