Annual Report 2015

We produced an educational video titled Embracing Our Diversity, Preserving Our Heritage, Keeping Our Promises. We posted the video on our Wilmette Cares YouTube Channel and on our website.

We advocated for the inclusion of 10% affordable units at the 611 Green Bay Rd. development. We spoke at meetings of the Board of Trustees, Planning Commission, and Committees. We held informal talks and/or exchanged emails with Village staff as well as representatives of the developer who was under contract to buy the property.

We held forums and open meetings, made presentations to secular and faith-based community groups, and participated in events hosted by their organizations.

We have learned a great deal about patience, collaboration, and sustaining a long view in our efforts to effect change. Our outreach to other community members and groups is resulting in new members and supporters.

The video features statements by Wilmette community leaders are well as local and state government officials. Their comments highlight the need for and benefits of affordable, inclusive, and accessible housing in Wilmette.

The property is in the center of town amid all the resources needed for seniors, families, and individuals with modest incomes, and those with disabilities. To include affordable units at this property would adhere to guidelines set by the Village in both its Affordable Housing Plan and its Village Center Master Plan. T

Through these venues, we circulated our informational materials and elaborated our views on the need for and benefits of affordable, accessible, and inclusive housing.

We will post the financial report on our website. The only significant item to include here is that with the grant of $22,000+ from the Sally Mead Hands Foundation we were able to produce the video described above and to print informational materials to support our educational efforts.

We showed the video in local venues and facilitated small group discussions at each screening. The discussions yielded feedback and suggestions from the community.

The development will not include affordable units. However, we have learned that the Village acted as a catalyst for the purchase and development of a different property to consist solely of affordable units. Our advocacy and constancy in reminding the Village of its promises has resulted in what will be a true benefit for all: the Village government, the community, and those who will live in the building if this development comes to fruition.

We raised the awareness of the many Wilmette residents with who we connected. They now have a better understanding of the current status, real needs, and desirability of affordable housing in Wilmette.

We will continue to show the video and to augment our efforts at outreach and coalition building. We are pleased to see that the Village continues to administer the Housing Assistance Program (HAP), and will continue to advocate for Village funding and management of HAP. We will support the approval by the Village of the proposed development of affordable units now on the horizon.

Our thanks to all who have advised, helped, or supported us in anyway over this past year:
John Adler • Rob Anthony • Jim Barnes • Sen. Daniel Biss • Lisa Braganca • Mike Braiman • Mike Broxson • Nancy Burton Gerald Buster • Sue Carlson • Carter Cleland • Kathy Cornyn • Spencer Cowan • Jack Daniels • Sally Daniels • Gail Forsberg • Rep. Robyn Gabel • Carmen Garcia Ruiz • Van Gilmer • Rich Goodwin • Susan Gregory • Jim Griffith • Jim Hardee • Alan Hatchett • Emily Hayden • Jessica Hotaling • John Jacoby • William Johnson • Jack Kelly • Kimberly Kurrus • Elizabeth Leiderr • Elaine Lenz • Jan Mahler • Mallinckrodt Community Center • Lorelei McClure • Ed McManus • Ellen McManus • Guy Mount • Norm Nexon • Open Communities • Jennifer Peters • Betty Phillips • Maya Plaksina • Alicia Resnick • Viki Rivkin • Sally Mead Hands Foundation • Brendan Saunders • Gail Schechter • Jes Scheinpflug  • Irma Simuni • Gerald Smith • Judy Smith • Puran Stevens • DanSullivan • Rev. David Van Brakle • Sioux Warfield•  Lali Watt • Wilmette Public Library • Elise Yaworsky • John Yaworsky