Affordable Housing

From the 2004 Wilmette Affordable Housing Plan:

It is the longstanding policy of the Village of Wilmette (‘Village’) to provide affordable housing options so persons with moderate incomes can enjoy the benefits of living in our community with economic diversity. This policy has been implemented, with active Village support or sponsorship, as opportunities have occurred over the past quarter century. It is currently set forth in Chapter Four of the 2000 Comprehensive Plan of  the Village of Wilmette.

From the 2000 Comprehensive Plan of the Village of Wilmette:

The Village of Wilmette should remain primarily a residential community and retain its single-family detached dwelling character while also encouraging adequate housing for the wide range of individuals and families that make up the community. The Village’s housing units serve an increasingly diverse population. Notwithstanding this diversity and perhaps because of it, the Village has a unique and strong sense of community pride and support.

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